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Volunteers Make the Difference

Special Olympics Alaska is an accredited chapter of Special Olympics International. Alaska’s size makes Special Olympics Alaska one of the busiest and logistically challenged programs in the world, which is why a strong state and local volunteer structure is all the more important.  

There are 10 Community Programs in Alaska that provide training at the local level.  These grass roots programs are the heart of Special Olympics.  They are the point of entry for athletes and families, and provide the best forum for community support, including a critical volunteer force. 

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Volunteer participation makes quality, comprehensive training and competition possible. Volunteer coaches are specifically trained to teach sports skills, as well as prepare athletes to overcome barriers that have stood between them and skill for many years ... even a lifetime.  Other volunteers perform critical functions ... from running an event to raising funds; from officiating a game to coordinating families; and from administrative support to public relations.  On any given day, there are Special Olympics volunteers at work all around the state.  On average, Special Olypmics Alaska's volunteers spend five hours per week, for a total of over 130,000 volunteer-hours per year.

Special Olympics Alaska Volunteer Application

Special Olympics Alaska Volunteer Orientation

Fax your Volunteer Application to 1-907-222-6200

Email the Volunteer Hotline

Call the Volunteer Hotline  1-888-499-7625  ext 608

Volunteer Opportunities
Coach, Management Team, Community Volunteer:  Call 1-888-499-7625  ext 608
2013 Special Olympics Alaska Bowling Tournament: November 22-24,2013


Special Olympics Alaska, Inc.

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telephone 1-907-222-7625 or call toll free in state 1-888-499-7625
fax 1-907-222-6200

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